Money Convention & Coin Show for Coin Dealers in Nashville

Whether you are a coin dealer or a collector, you need to make sure you come and join the International Money Exposition, LLC, as we host one of the world’s biggest money conventions. Coin dealers throughout Tennessee and the world come to the Music City Center in downtown Nashville to show off their collections while buyers travel near and far to find that missing piece to add to their beloved collection.

During our exciting coin events, booths and tables are set up throughout the convention center so that buyers are able to explore different coins and engage with fellow collectors, sellers, and buyers. These conventions typically span several days and may feature auctions and other activities related to coin collecting.

Where You Go To Make Your Currency & Coin Collections Flourish

Money conventions are an excellent way for coin dealers to network with other professionals in the industry to learn about new trends and developments in the field. They may also be a way for dealers to discover new opportunities for acquiring rare coins or expanding their business.

These money conventions are must-attend coin events, whether you are a seasoned dealer or a new collector just starting out. Contact us today to learn more about any upcoming coin events we plan on hosting.

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