The Nashville Convention Center : Music City Center

Music City Center is the home of the 2023 IMEX Coin Show – a place “Creating Noteworthy Experiences.”

It’s gorgeous. What a beautiful venue for an exciting new convention.  Along with the backdrop of Nashville, the Music City Center will definitely help us all create a successful, memorable coin show.

Music City Center right in the heart of downtown, not far from museums and plenty of Nashville’s fantastic food choices. What does this mean?

For collectors, it means a great day on the town! Come on in and see the coins on your want list. Pick up what you need, what you want, and what you can’t live without. Then, head back out into town to see some of this beautiful city’s sites!

For dealers, it means a secure, comfortable environment in which to get some real business done. Collectors will come to see your coins and the city. And in the evenings, get off your feet at some of the great local attractions and venues, satisfied with a good day of business done.

We chose Nashville and Music City Center carefully because we wanted to create the best new environment for a coin show. Being both collectors and dealers ourselves, we know coin shows are our best opportunity to meet up with our colleagues and customers. We’re doing everything we can to make sure we provide a great environment for coin collectors to collect and coin dealers to make great deals on beautiful, important, historic coins.

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