International Money Exposition 2023:
IMEX Sponsorship Opportunities

Image courtesy of Legend Rare Coin Auctions

International Money Exposition 2023:
IMEX Sponsorship Opportunities

October 25-29, 2023        Music City Center     Nashville, Tennessee

The first new major coin convention in 30 years, in the #1 hot spot Music Capital of America! Don’t miss your chance to showcase and highlight your BRAND at the must attend numismatic event of the year. 400 Booths and Special Guest Celebrity, along with expected attendance of thousands make this a great value for your sponsorship dollars! Here are the opportunities…

Gold Sponsorships Gold Sponsorship Benefits
Celebrity Guest $20,000* Special Tables at Front Center of Bourse
Celebrity Reception $10,000 Highlighted Signage throughout Bourse
Dealer Celebration $20,000 Highlighted Bourse Guide
Convention Program $10,000 Significant Press Release
Advertising and Media recognition

Platinum Sponsorships Platinum Sponsorship Benefits
Registration Area $ 7,500 Highlighted Signage
Security Room $ 5,000 Special Table Selection Option**
Info/Business Center $ 5,000 Highlighted Bourse Guide
Dealer Bags $ 5,000
Public Bags $ 5,000
Relax Station Area $ 3,500 Advertising and Media recognition

Silver Sponsorships Silver Sponsorship Benefits
Food Carts $ 2,500 Special Table Selection Option**
Dealer Coffee Carts $ 2,500 Highlighted Signage
Floor Plan Kiosk $ 2,500 Highlighted Bourse Guide
Aisle Signage $ 2,500 Advertising and Media Recognition
Service Pages $ 2,500

Bronze Sponsorships Bronze Sponsorship Benefits
Swag Bag Contents $ 1,500
Golf Outing $ 1,500 Highlighted Signage
Lanyards $ 1,500 Highlighted Bourse Guide
Registration Pens $ 1,000

See the Applications for each Sponsorship for more details and to sign up.
Media and Advertising Cross Sponsorships available.
“Official Grading and Authentication Service” opportunity available.
Please contact IMEX for more information or custom package opportunities for your BRAND!

Gary Adkins, Partner * subject to revision
International Money Exposition (IMEX) ** subject to availability 612-867-4617

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