Coin Show

The Exclusive Coin Show in Tennessee

Join IMEX at one of the most popular coin shows in Tennessee. You will have the chance to meet many dealers in one place and find unique items. Numismatists gather at our convention to find world coins and ancient money, leaving with exclusive items for their inventory. If you want a rare coin, the dealers attending our show may have it.

Meet a Dealer or Collector

Our coin shows in Tennessee are the perfect opportunity to find exclusive deals in the same location. When you meet a dealer in person, you can inspect and compare coins from others. Collectors know that coins in a particular grade look different, depending on the dealer, and some of those differences are easier to catch when holding them. In addition, if you’re looking to sell, you can easily bring your items to our dealers, allowing you to choose the best offer before leaving the convention.

Benefits of Attending Our Convention

You will benefit from attending our money show convention in Tennessee. All attendees experience a rewarding experience surrounded by people with the same passion. Even if you don’t know anything about coins, our collectors and dealers would love to explain the history of their unique items. Also, many famous designers and Mint officials attend these shows, which is a unique opportunity to learn about the work behind the coins.

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